Welcome to The Words of Jesus Christ, which presents an overview of an early stage project that will eventually provide fully searchable access to all the first-person words spoken by Jesus Christ as found in the LDS Standard Works, accompanied by beautiful artwork featuring the Savior.
The project is headed up by Steve Mortensen, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who previously worked on other major website projects for and about the LDS Church. He is actively seeking participation from those who share interest in seeing this non-commercial project come to fruition.
The purpose of the present website is to demonstrate what the Words of Jesus Christ project is all about. It is structured to communicate the project vision and answer questions that those interested in supporting it may have. This website does not currently have any searching capabilities, but a static demonstration of planned search capabilities is included.
Words of Jesus Christ Objectives
Enable Christ's words to speak directly to readers, thereby inviting the spirit.
Demonstrate that the teachings of Jesus Christ are the core of our faith.
Witness that He lives and continues to direct his people through prophets.
Introduce the world to the words of the Savior that are only found in His Church.
Provide simple means to find what the Lord has said on many important subjects.
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If you like what you see here, have more questions, and are interested in the possibility of getting involved, please contact the project coordinator.
Thank you for your interest in the Words of Jesus Christ project.
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This project is not sponsored by nor affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, though appropriate permissions to use materials owned by the Church will be secured before project completion.
Copyright 2006 Steve Mortensen